Thursday, October 27, 2016


You guys. I am still giddy after attending the GRAND OPENING of Springville, UT DI. My SIL and I had been talking about this since we got the tour a week ago and couldn't wait for today to come! I am so grateful she was there with me because it was CRAZY and I needed some extra hands with the children. Now let me show you some of my finds (read below for 
the COOLEST find).

Three pairs of BRAND new shoes from Old Navy and American Eagle. This is a VERY small example of what they have there. So many brands to choose from and plenty that are BRAND NEW! How cool is that. Now I just hope my husband likes them ;). 

When shopping with kids, it is IMPOSSIBLE to walk by the toys and not have a major melt down (if you have any tricks, I am ALL EARS!). Lately little Avery has been in love with fire trucks. He saw this and insisted that he needed to hold it as we finished our walk through of the store and I knew I wasn't going to be able to leave with out it. And of course he HAD to take it to nap time with him. Now lets just hope I can hide it for Christmas. 

Now last but NOT least... My Marvel Comics. I saw these last week during the walk through and I knew this was going to be the BEST gift for Aaron for Christmas (he is a HUGE closet Marvel Fan haha). We weren't able to get there as early as many (some were waiting at the doors at 5am this morning)! So I knew it was a large possibility that I wasn't going to be able to get them but I still needed to try! 

When I got there I went straight back to the collectables and they had already been sold, they were sitting in there still and it broke my heart a little! But I went on with the day and was happy to get all the other stuff that I got. 

We checked out, took the kids to the car and loaded our treasures. I stayed behind with the kids so that I could feed baby and Lindsey went back to specifically find some books for her oldest (she got some AMAZING classics). 

I decided to head back in after a bit to hang in line with Lindsey to buy her books and LOW AND BEHOLD the guy who claimed the comics was in line to buy his!!!! The poor guy didn't know what was coming. I begged him to let me buy one of the bags from him and that would pay him more. He was a little overwhelmed from my intensity but he agreed to let me take a look after he looked through them. After he got through the line, we met by his car and he looked through them and realized they were all Marvel (he wanted DC comics). So he sold them all to me for the price he paid just $20 for all these classics!!

It was such a fun morning. I am going to have to restrain myself from heading back there tomorrow (the grand opening is going on until Saturday). They have TONS more stuff (they were bringing new stuff out all morning today!). Make sure to head on over there. And James The Mormon will be there performing. 


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