Saturday, May 3, 2014


One of my siblings recently made a HILARIOUS public fuss about us not showing our love via social media on sibling day.

So in honor of having 9 members of my family with birthdays this month and last I have to decided to write some of my favorite things about each.

April 11th

My dad is the most kind hearted, loving, devoted, man I have ever met. He knows how to make you laugh (as long as the joke doesn't go over your head), what to say when your upset and is the best fixer upper you've ever met. If you've never heard him play the guitar you're missing out and he's got MOVES for DAYS!

April 12th

Chris and I got to share a unique experience together having served spanish speaking missions together at the same time. Chris is DA BOMB at pretty much anything he does, he moves like Mick Jagger (with a little more swagger), he even convinces people somehow that he was a college athlete with his skills on the bball court. He is also the most sweet loving father there is to an adorable baby girl. 

April 20th

Brandon is the first to take the dinner check, the one to let the in the wayward son, the one who has secret alternative motives that will benefit you more in the long run. He is the person to watch sports with and may surprise you with tickets to your favorite team. He is a wonderful dad, and husband to now three adorable kids. I couldn't be more grateful for him in my life. 

April 26th

Haylea is the type of woman that was born to be a nuturer. She is so loving, thoughtful, and giving. I often ponder how much I wish I could be like her, especially now that I am going to be a mom. She tries to put everyone before her and is LITERALLY willing to give you the last dollar she has in her bank account. She is a wonderful example to me in so many ways. And if you were at my wedding you missed out on the best rap ever.

April 27th

Hanna is married to Chris and they have this adorable child in their lives. Hanna is someone I wish I could be more like, soft spoken but doesn't get pushed around, devoted mother and wife and a wonderful sister to many. She is super creative and stylish even though she may not think so. I envy her ability to take control of her home and family in a way that is unnoticed to many. She is a wonderful, quite example to many without even knowing it. 

May 2nd

Um... can you get any more ADORABLE than this picture? Tyson was the first nephew to grace our presence 7 years ago. He is an AMAZING big brother to his two adorable bros. I have never met a kid smart than he at such a young age. His skills on the piano are hard to believe and his ability to sink a basketball, kick a soccer ball, hit a golfball, or dominate an obstacle course are unheard of.

May the 4th be with you

Today is Lindsey's bday. I have already expressed much of my love to this lady here. She is the bestie you wish you had. She is beyond creative, ridiculously ambitious, quietly spiritual, and often quite HILARIOUS. I don't know how I would've gotten through some of the things I did without her. She is a rock, an amazing mother to three boys, a perfect confidant, and just a wonderful example. 

May 25th 

Last but not least and coming up soon is sweet baby Kjel. She will be 2 this year and my baby is due on her bday! Kjel and I don't get much time together and the time we do have she is having a hard time remembering who I am, I would kill to have her love haha. She is independent, loving and strong. Just like her aunty, she has no probably dancing up a storm in front of a crowd like know one is watching. She is a light in our lives and we love her.

So there you have it. I don't think I will be able to do this every year considering how BIG we are getting but today I'd like to say HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY. 

Love y'all!


  1. Love what you wrote about each person. What a sweet post!!

  2. I printed off Kjel's portion for her baby book. Thank you, Bree!